Get Sponsorship Jobs in Finland Without a Degree

It is very easy to get sponsorship jobs in Finland without a degree if you can follow everything we are going to talk about in this article. 

Finland is a country in Europe with lots of forests, lakes, and islands. People there live well and have good schools and healthcare. 

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The capital is Helsinki, a cool city with technology and nice things to see. In Finland, they like saunas, have a funny race where people carry their wives, and Santa Claus lives there. 


Long ago, Finland belonged to Sweden and Russia, but it became its own country in 1917. People there are smart and make cool phone stuff.


The employment rate of foreigners in Finland varies. Foreigners often work in sectors like healthcare, technology, and services. 


The country has policies to support their integration into the workforce, but actual rates can change due to economic conditions and government initiatives. 


This is to tell you that Finland is a very good place to work as a freelancer or as someone who is looking for the best place to work. 


Why You Should Work in Finland 

jobs in Finland without a degree

Even before you start looking for a job, you should have a strong answer to this question. If you’re planning to move to another country for work, people from your home country might ask you this a lot. So, what should you tell them?


First, Finland is a small country in Northern Europe. The environment is still clean, and the people there are really happy. It’s also one of the best countries when it comes to making sure everyone is paid fairly, no matter their gender. 


They give everyone the same opportunities and pay, and they care about having a good balance between work and personal life.


If you want more reasons to work in Finland, here are some:


  • Your family can be safe and protected.
  • Not much crime happens there.
  • The buildings and structures look amazing and make the country’s skyline special.
  • The food, water, and air are all very clean and healthy.
  • The healthcare system is really good.
  • Companies care about families and make sure they are doing well.
  • Kids can go to school for free, and you can study as much as you want.
  • The hours you work are good, and you get breaks too.
  • You’ll have help from the government if things don’t go well.
  • If you’re a parent, you can take time off to be with your kids.
  • The places you work in are great.
  • People believe in treating men and women equally.
  • The country is focused on learning new things and creating new stuff.
  • People in Finland are friendly and trust each other.

Get A Job in Finland Without Degree 

jobs in Finland without a degree

Before you even start with how you can get a job in Finland, there is is a simple thing you should try and find out which is, “what field do you want to go into” 


You need to first know the type of job you want to do in Finland as the country is a place that really accommodates foreigners who want to work in any sector of their country. 


You can decide to work in fields like technology, engineering, marketing and sales, HR, Administrative, hospitality, healthcare, tourism or even education.


In each of these fields, there are some jobs in them that you might not even have a degree in but yet you can get them and the good thing is that they are high in payment. 


The good thing about Finland and their jobs is that most of the companies that are employing are people that would sponsor you till you get to the country. 


They sponsor things like your travelling expenses and accommodation till you get comfortable and start handling those things. 


This is a place where you can work comfortably and everyone will be treated equally, not minding if you’re a citizen or not. 

High Paying Jobs in Finland Without A Degree 

jobs in Finland without a degree

Getting high paying jobs in Finland is very easy and in this side of the article, we are going to be talking about some of those jobs you can get in Finland and you don’t even need a degree to get them, rather just a certificate from a vocational school or an online school will do. 


Below are some of the high paying jobs you can get in Finland without a degree; 


  1. Digital Marketing Manager


A digital marketing manager is someone who helps promote products or services on the internet. They make plans for advertising online, like on social media or websites. 


They also watch how well the ads are doing and change things to make them better. The manager talks with the team and decides what kind of ads to make. 


They look at what people like and try to make more people interested in what they’re selling. The manager needs to know about online trends and what people search for. 


They want to reach as many people as possible and make the company successful online.


In this type of job you don’t even need a degree to get it but you can get a certificate of getting the skills in place like and good experience then you’re good to go.




This is the interesting part of this job. For you to become a digital marketing manager in Finland, you will be earning at least €7,000 monthly, you can calculate by by a year, it will be 7000×12 = 84,000


Simply put, a digital marketing manager earns at least 84,000 EUR per year in Finland. 


So why would you allow this type of opportunity to pass you by when you can get it to be a successful business person.


  1. Business Development Manager


A Business Development Manager is a person who helps a company grow by finding new ways to make money. 


They talk to other businesses and customers to figure out what products or services they need. Then they make plans to sell those things and make the company more successful. 


They also build relationships with other companies and try to make deals that benefit both sides. The manager looks at the market and tries to find opportunities for the company to expand. Their job is to make sure the company makes more profit and gets bigger over time.


The company that would even employ you for those jobs will happily sponsor your trip to the country for the job. 




Of course you know Finland is a place where companies pay very well to their staff so that they can help them gain more success. 


The average monthly salary of a business Development Manager in Finland is 6,250 EUR, so if we do the calculation it will be 6,250 × 12 = 75,000 EUR per year which is a great way to start up a career as a business Development Manager in Finland. 


Finland is a home to grow and improve your self in this type of business which is very good. 


  1. Customer Service Manager


This type of job might look simple and not high paying in your eyes but I can tell you today that, if you work in Finland as a customer service manager you will earn a lot. 


A Customer Service Manager is someone who makes sure customers are happy. They lead a team that talks to customers and helps them with problems or questions about a company’s products or services.


The manager trains the team to be polite and helpful, and they listen to customer feedback to make things better. They also handle tough situations and try to solve any issues that customers have. 


The manager works to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their main goal is to make sure customers feel valued and have a good experience when dealing with the company.




The average per month salary of a customer service manager in Finland is 6,030 EUR and the good thing is, you don’t need a certificate to earn so much money, just your experience and a certificate you can get in popular online classes and vocational schools. 


Let’s do the calculation on how much you can earn as a customer service manager in Finland. 6,030 × 12 = 72, 360 EUR which is a huge salary for a customer service manager, in just one year, that’s awesome. 


  1. Web Developer


A Web Developer is a person who builds and creates websites. They use special codes and programming languages to design how a website looks and works.


They make sure that all the buttons, pictures, and links on a website function properly. Web Developers use their skills to make websites easy to use and look good on computers and phones. 


They may also work on the technical side, making sure websites load quickly and are secure from hackers. Their job is to turn ideas and designs into real websites that people can visit and interact with online.


Still, you don’t even need a degree to learn how to be a Web developer, this is a skill you can learn online and get a certificate to prove that you are a professional in the job. 




Aside from the fact that your travelling expenses will be handled by the company that you are working for, the average salary you will receive in a month is 3,730 EUR. 


In our calculations, we would say 3,730 × 12 = 44,760 Eur per year and the good thing about this job is that you might be needed in the office for just a short period but other times, you will be working from home. 


  1. Fashion Designer


If no one has ever told you this before, then I’m here to tell you that as a fashion designer you can be earning a huge amount of money monthly. 


A Fashion Designer is someone who creates new and stylish clothing and accessories. They come up with ideas for how clothes should look, choose fabrics and colours, and then design the outfits. Fashion Designers often draw sketches or use computer programs to plan their creations. 


They pay attention to the latest trends and what people like to wear. They may work for big brands or have their own fashion lines. Fashion Designers play a big role in shaping what people wear and how they express themselves through clothing. Their work involves both creativity and understanding what’s popular in the world of fashion.




One of the most interesting things about being a fashion designer or being employed as a fashion designer in Finland is the salary you earn per month and per year. 


For an average of one month, as a fashion designer you are expected to earn 6,190 Eur and If we do the calculations, it will be 6,190 × 12 = 74, 280 EUR which is a large amount. 


Requirements To Getting a Sponsorship Jobs Without Degree in Finland 

To get a sponsorship job in Finland without a degree, you might need some or all of the following things:

  • Work Experience: Having experience in the field you want to work in can be important.
  • Skills: You should be good at what you do and have the skills needed for the job.
  • Language: Being able to speak Finnish or English well is very necessary.
  • Job Demand: You need to apply for jobs that are in demand in Finland and we have mentioned some of them above
  • Employer Interest: The company that wants to hire you should be willing to sponsor you.
  • Permits: You’ll need the right permits to work and live in Finland which will be handled by your employer
  • Persistence: It might take time to find the right opportunity, so don’t give up easily.

Where To Get Sponsorship Jobs in Finland 

We can’t conclude this beautiful content without giving you the list of places you can’t get your sponsorship jobs in Finland. 


There are a lot of jobs on high demand and the sure way to get some of the jobs on your fields is through the mediums we have listed below; 


  1. LinkedIn |


This is one place you can get all the connections you need to get a job as a lot of companies are constantly posting about jobs there everyday. 


So here are the simple steps to find jobs fast on LinkedIn; 


  • Create a Profile: Start by making a profile on LinkedIn. This is like your online resume. Include information about your work experience, skills, and what kind of job you want.
  • Connect with Others: You can connect with people you know, like friends, colleagues, and people you’ve worked with before. This helps you build a network of professionals.
  • Search for Jobs: LinkedIn has a feature where you can look for jobs. You can search based on what you’re good at and what you like doing.
  • Apply for Jobs: When you find a job you’re interested in, you can apply for it right there on LinkedIn. Usually, you’ll need to send in your resume and maybe a letter explaining why you want the job.
  • Stay Updated: You can also follow companies you’re interested in. This way, you’ll see when they post new jobs.
  • Share and Comment: You can share posts and comment on things related to your field. This helps show that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Make Your Profile Fit: When you’re applying for a specific job, make sure your profile talks about the things that job needs.


  1. Work in Finland |


This is another big platform where you can find any type of job you are looking for in Finland, both the ones we have listed here and the ones we didn’t mention, all jobs are posted there daily. 


For you to get the job you want, you have to follow the steps below; 


  • Go to the official website at
  • Click on See open jobs
  • You will see all the available 
  • Use the search button to search for fast and easier access 


  1. Jobs in Helsinki |


This is another Wonderful place where you can search for both remote jobs and full time jobs that are fully sponsored and have a very good pay. 


If you go to the site, you will see the list of jobs that are currently available and you can also use their tag at the header section to find the type of jobs you are looking for. 


  1. Job Market Finland |


Job market Finland is a very big website where all job seekers who want to work in Finland can go to find their dream jobs. 


There are alot of sponsorship jobs in the place, starting from tech to healthcare, tourism, management etc. 


It is very easy to get a job through the job market and you can make it faster by using the search button. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I search for jobs in Finland?

Use online job portals or company websites to find job listings in Finland and we have mentioned some of the places you can use here, go through it and get started.

Is knowing Finnish necessary for getting a job in Finland?

While knowing Finnish is beneficial, many international companies and roles may require English proficiency.

Do I need a work permit to work in Finland?

Yes, if you’re not an EU/EEA citizen, you generally need a work permit.


Finding jobs in Finland involves searching online, considering language requirements, and understanding work permit regulations, especially for non-EU/EEA citizens. 

All the information you need to get a job in Finland has been discussed here in details, go through them and let’s get started. 

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