4 Best Locations for Vacation in Nigeria

If you have been looking for the best locations for vacation in Nigeria for family vacation, then I have a gist for you.

Do you know that Nigeria is so blessed with a lot of tourist centres and places you can go for vacation and you won’t even realise that you are still in Nigeria.

In this article, we would be exposing to you some of the best places you can go for your vacation with your partner, family or solo.

4 Best Locations for Vacation in Nigeria

I have personally been to so many places that I feel are the best if you want to have that ideal vacation.

Well without waste of time, below are the four best locations for vacation in Nigeria.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Locations for Vacation in Nigeria

When I was in secondary school, our school organised an excursion and we were to go to obudu cattle ranch as it was formally called.

It was my first time going out on a mini vacation but I can tell you, it was worth the visit.

I could barely remember I was in Nigeria, the beauty of the place is breathtaking, the weather is different, the environment is good and very calm.

We spent 3 days in the mountain and we had a lot of fun visiting the waterfall, the burn fire, the cable ride etc.

Another good thing about them is their rooms. They have standard rooms, large enough to contain at least 4 persons.

What you can not find in the place is the air Conditioner because the place is already cold enough.

What To know About Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort, previously called Obudu Cattle Ranch, is a beautiful tourist center in Nigeria. It’s located on the Obudu Plateau near the Cameroon border in Cross Rivers State.

The resort is popular among tourists and offers a pleasant atmosphere with a mix of warm and cold weather. The rooms range from chalets to presidential suites. The best time to visit is between October and February when the sky is bright and the air is frosty.

This resort in Obudu Plateau has a history that goes back to 1949 when Mr. Caughley, a Scottish Rancher, explored the mountains.

He camped on the mountaintop for a month and later returned with Mr. Hugh Jones, another rancher, in 1951. The resort was developed by Mr. Hugh Jones and Dr. Crawfield that same year.

Today, the same resort has been so developed that you could be inside there and forget that you’re in Nigeria just like I forgot I was in Nigeria.

The place is very calm and in the morning you could hear the birds singing melodies and the weather is always cold in the morning and warm at noon.

If you have been researching or looking for where to go for vacation with your family, partner or solo, obudu Mountain Resort is the best.

Some of the things you will get experience throughout your stay in the place are;

  • Ride with a cable car which will take you round the mountain for 25 minutes. The cable car in pièce de résistance has been noted to be the longest cable car in Africa.
  • There are also a lot of outdoor games you could place during your stay there like hiking, swimming at the waterfall side, golfing or even horse riding.
  • Another thing you could do is to taste their food. This was one of the things I miss about obudu, they have good and delicious meals that are very awesome.
  • Going sightseeing in obudu will give you the chance to see about 250 birds that is in that place, different species and all are beautiful
  • Did I tell you about the canopy bridge? No, we can’t talk about obudu without talking about it. The canopy walkway is a 100m swaying bridge which is 70m above the forest floor at Obudu Mountain Resort. It offers a chance to enjoy the beautiful forest view, though climbing it can be challenging, it’s also a lot of fun and exciting.

Around November, obudu Mountain Resort usually hosts a mountain race which will reward the winners with some attractive cash prize, so you could also go there to join the race.

Another thing you should know about this resort is that the price to do certain things is cheap.

For instance, for you to cross the ranch, it will cost you only 200 naira then if you want to talk on the canopy bridge, it will cost you 300 naira etc.

Tinapa Business and leisure Resort

Locations for Vacation in Nigeria

The second place I have visited as a tourist is the Tinapa Business and leisure resort which is located in calabar and I can tell you for sure it is one of the best places you can live or travel for vacation.

For those that have been wanting to live at the water side or experience the joy of staying at a water side, there are hotels around the lake which are high enough to give you a clear view of the lake.

What you Should Know about Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort

Tinapa Free Trade Zone and Resort is a fun place in Nigeria where people can do business and relax. It’s near a river and was started by a past governor named Donald Duke. People started using it in 2007.

The resort was built through a partnership between the government and a private group. It’s close to another place called Calabar Free Trade Zone.

When the project started, the government had in mind to turn the place into a revenue generating project.

They spent over 350 million dollars before it could be concluded, then it was officially launched in 2007.

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Today that place is one of the best places you can go to have the best time.

The resort is always crowded so to catch the fun early, it is advisable to start your exploration early.

There are a lot of fun things you can when you finally visit tinapa like;

  • You can visit nollywood or tinapa movies. Nollywood has a well established movie studio that does production and post production for both domestic and international films.
  • The water park is a place you should not forget to miss. 
  • After seeing the nollywood, you should head to the water park where you will see the lazy river, sliding games, wave water etc. For you to enter the river, you will be required to pay the sum of 1000 naira.
  • At the arcade, you can play a lot of games like the ocean bomber, a basketball game, ice hockey etc.
  • You can’t complete your exploration without seeing the entertainment strip where you can play casino, watch your favourite movie at the Big cinema.

Tinapa is very easy to locate as it is sitting right at the north of calabar. You too have the best time of your life just like I did.

La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana

If there is one thing about these places, it will be the tight security. They will always promise you that your security is their priority and they keep to their words.

La campagne Tropicana is located at lekki, Lagos State.

The place has a special mix of nature like a clean lake, easy-to-reach mangrove forest, open grassy area, big sandy beach, and the warm Atlantic ocean.

The hotel is really nice and has great things to do. They also keep you safe with security all the time as we have previously mentioned.

Things To Know About La Campagne Tropicana

When I heard about la Campagne Tropicana,  I asked around for the location and I was told it is located at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.

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So one sunny Saturday, some friends and I decided to go have some time out. We took off at lekki phase 1 and it took us only 30 minutes to get to the tropicana.

At the entrance, we started to notice the tight security but before getting to the entrance, it was a straight express road before taking a turn to the Lagos Free Trade Zone then passed the big Dangote Refinery.

At the entrance, our car was seriously searched to be sure we are clean and not coming for any attack on the property.

On getting to the place, we first checked into our hotel room which was very large, clean and well-furnished.

In the evening, we decided to learn about the history of this great place, so the manager had to give us a little lecture.

We got to discover that the place is privately owned and had about 600 palm trees planted in the area to give comfort to their visitors with a beach for fun times.

Over the years, Tropicana has grown to be one of the best locations for vacation in Nigeria and Africa.

There are a lot of things you can do when you get to tropicana and we always experienced some of these things;

  • Horse riding is the first thing I did when we started our fun time, maybe because I have been wanting to do that but yes it was fun
  • For the lovers of football, there is a soccer field where you can join others to play
  • Swimming and board games are all there
  • You can decide to relax at the mini beach
  • You can also go to a spa, watch some movies, go to the gym etc.

There are just a whole lot of things to do when you get to Tropicana, check it out and thank me later.

4. Whispering Palm

Locations for Vacation in Nigeria

I know most of you have not heard of this place but yes it is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in lagos.

This is one place that is totally free from the daily Lagos struggles and traffic, very calm with a water view that helps you relax.

Another good thing you should know about them is their resort rooms. It is very comfortable with an affordable price which ranged from 20,000 naira (30$) – 60,000 (55$).

What You Should Know About Whispering Palm

It is privately owned and has been standing for over 10 years now. The place is located in Badagry Lagos state.

Opting for water transportation is the most effective way to reach Whispering Palms. The road network between Lagos and Badagry is in poor condition and is both time-consuming and wasteful in terms of money.

You can conveniently use the popular banana boats departing from either Ebute Iro or the Lagos Ferry station at CMS.

The cost for a direct trip varies from N2000 to N2500, depending on your choice of station and the day of the week. Ebute Iro station operates from Mondays to Saturdays, excluding Sundays. On the other hand, the CMS Ferry station is open throughout the week from 6 am to 6 pm.

Things To Do in Whispering Palm

There are a lot you can actually do when you get to Whispering Palm and there are;

  • Playing table tennis was one of my favourite sports when I was small and going to Whispering Palms brought back that feeling and enjoyed playing it again, so you too can enjoy playing tennis 
  • You can do horse ride
  • You can also paddle boat ride or even a bicycle ride 
  • They have a swimming pool which is free for everyone 
  • A mini golf For those like golf etc 

These four places we have mentioned here are the best places you can visit in Nigeria for your vacation and you will get the value for your money. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a special place in Nigeria? 

There are many but we have mentioned the four we believe you should check out.


Nigeria offers a diverse range of vacation destinations. From the stunning Whispering Palm of Lagos to the Tinapa of Calabar, the breathtaking landscapes of Obudu Cattle Ranch, and the unique Tropicana, there’s something for every traveler to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural experiences, these four places we have listed in this article showcases the beauty and diversity that Nigeria has to offer.

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