Top UK Visa Sponsoring Companies

Knowing potential UK visa sponsoring companies is, among other things, a major concern of many who are pursuing a work visa permit in the UK. The UK, unlike other countries, has stricter restrictions and regulations guiding the companies they approve for visa sponsorship. Especially when employing the workforce from outside the UK, including citizens of the EU among others, employers are subjected to obtain a Visa sponsorship licence including paid and unpaid workers. Kindly read ( to get the full details for employers. 

Depending on your work interest and qualifications, including soft skills and the “techy” folks, in this article, we’ve extensively compiled together UK top visa companies ranging from the tech giants to home caregivers to cleaners in major establishments. In this article, we present, in no particular order, the top UK sponsoring companies, which our team, after intense research and nights of consultations, believe is just all you need to know while making your relocation plans.

It is worthy to state here that these companies are in no form affiliated with ALT Virals and we do not earn commission from them. We are research enthusiasts who render solutions to our dear readership.

Why sponsorship from UK-based Companies?

With a well-developed economy, conducive working environment, and attractive working conditions, among others, the UK has been home to non-UK nationals migrating to Uk every year. To this end, the UK government keeps making policies to curtail the increasing number of immigrants, and by extension, ensures that qualified non-citizens both in skills and in character are allowed into the UK. If you are not already in the UK, and depending on the type of VISA you intends to pursue,  you will need to secure a job while in your home country with companies based in the UK who will undertake your visa sponsorship.

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While over 30,000 companies can sponsor a Tier 2 Visa, however, we do like to state that many would not sponsor. Some will sponsor an individual who is perceived to be exceptional and highly valued. Some agencies also offer work-visa services-securing valid and legal jobs for a percentage of your salary. In this article, we present to you some pieces of information to guide you in making informed decisions. We explore these companies below:

  • Deloitte UK

A quick perusal of the official website of Deloitte UK shows that this giant company has provisions for sponsoring employees who are non-UK citizens. Although there are some clauses to who can benefit from such gesture, due mostly to UK Government restrictions including but not limited to Brightstart Apprenticeship, Entry Level Apprenticeship, and Summer Vacation programs, a quick perusal at will give you a hint on your qualification for sponsorship before applying. Moreover, Deloitte as a professional service firm has a very strong presence in the UK and has a reputation for visa sponsorship for international applicants in the last couple of years.

  • Google Technology

  This American multinational technology company has taken up a couple of niches in the tech industry. Google, with diverse interests in artificial intelligence, search engine tech, advertising, and software development among many, is always in demand of a suitable workforce to fill up their ever-increasing roles. As a tech giant, Google has a reputation for outsourcing a competent workforce across the globe. Consequently, they offer visa sponsorship to their prospective employees.

Do you have an excellent bachelor’s degree with competent skills in the tech ecosystem? Do you have a passion for digital marketing and advertising? Are you a legal, marketing, and business strategist? Google could be your best shot.

  • Amazon

          UK visa sponsoring companies

 Among the top UK visa-sponsoring companies is the e-commerce giant. Ranked one of the largest e-commerce in the global market, Amazon has a reputation for a strong presence in the UK e-commerce ecosystem and has maintained so over the years. They are high employers of labor-skilled and unskilled. With increasing patronage in the e-commerce economy, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon has increased its tentacles in pursuit of suitable candidates across the globe for employment. The UK economy is no exception. Their various offices scattered across the UK including London, Manchester, and Cambridge, among others have a reputation for sponsoring their prospective employee’s visa. 

  • Apple

UK visa sponsoring companies

With its recent spread of tentacles and various technological niches, Apple has become a household name globally in the tech ecosystem. Just as it is everywhere, apple has a strong presence in the UK communication and electronics industry. They are well known for sponsoring visas across the UK for suitable candidates globally. With the yearly invention of new versions of their product, especially with the ‘iPhone series’, apple has been recorded for increasing employment of labor over the years.

Just before we continue, we wish to bring to the notice of our dear readership that these companies offer Tier-2 visa types. It is highly recommended to make adequate research with the prospective company before applying.

Ensuring their readiness to collaborate with the visa process is also just as important. With that said, let’s roll out the remaining companies:

  • Ey Accounting & Professional Services

Being one of the largest accounting firms globally, Ey provides big service networks globally. This tech giant employs techy enthusiasts in the data science and software programming ecosystem, among others. As a renowned and well-established service provider, EY has a reputation for the global workforce, visa sponsorship, and awesome working condition. Attached is a link to their application web page:

Kindly apply here

  • Barclays UK

UK visa sponsoring companies

For those in the financial sector, Barclays is your best bet. A global banking firm and a well-renowned financial service provider, Barclays is a big ‘fish in the banking sector. They are among the top-rated UK visa-providing firms in 2023 and the top 12 licensed visa-sponsoring companies in the UK.

  • National Health Services (NHS)

This is for health professionals and healthcare providers. NHS is the second largest global single-payer healthcare system. They are the big ‘fish’ in this ecosystem. It is one of the publicly funded United Kingdom Health Service Systems. It is per the code of practice to employ medical experts from outside the UK.

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

An Accounting and Professional Services Firm with an outstanding reputation, PWC prides itself as the second-largest professional services firm globally. They offer tax, auditing, consulting, and financial deals services. Also, they have a reputation for employing an international workforce. This is a good recommendation for those with the necessary skills and qualifications. They appear among the UK’s top 12 companies with visa-sponsoring licenses. 

  • Clifford Chance

              A member of The Magic Circle, a collection of international law firms with offices in London, Clifford Chance LLP is a British global legal firm with its main offices there. Based on the number of solicitors and income, Clifford Chance         is the tenth-largest law firm in the world. Probably one of the top firms in the UK that sponsor visas is Clifford Chance. Despite being a law firm, we provide a wide range of career options across all specializations. 

We highly recommend to peruse through their website for detailed information: (

  • GSK Chemicals

GlaxoSmithKline is a well-known British multinational pharmaceutical firm that provides numerous medications, vaccines, and more. It is a household name in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Many ailments, including HIV, neurological problems, and respiratory diseases, can only be treated with GSK’s pharmaceuticals. They created vaccines against illnesses like the flu, HPV, and shingles.

You can submit an application to GSK Plc as well, as we are always searching for qualified individuals to add to our exceptional team. A number of positions are open at the organisation, including those in operations, engineering, marketing and sales, production and supply, technology, and research and development.

  • Unilever

                       Starting your career at Unilever is a well-thought-out choice, as there are many financial  and other benefits to be had. 

Regardless of your field of study, you can be sure that Unilever will hire foreign workers as they are hiring in all sectors. They have reputation of visa sponsorship across the globe in diverse fields of interest.

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